Tree health pilot scheme 2023

Tree health pilot scheme 2023

The tree health pilot scheme has reopened in 2023 with the aim of slowing the spread of pests and diseases affecting trees as well as building the resilience of trees across England. The grant funds some of the costs included in carrying out removal works of diseased trees, replanting of different tree species that are more likely to withstand pests, diseases, and climate change, and management of the newly replanted trees.

There are grants available for:

Larch trees with Phytophthora ramorum
Spruce trees affected by Ips typographus
Sweet chestnut trees with Phytophthora ramorum or sweet chestnut blight
Oak trees with oak processionary moth (OPM)
Ash trees with ash dieback

Currently the funding is only available for trees or woodlands within the North West, West Midlands, South East or London regions.

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