Countryside Stewardship – hedgerows and boundaries grant doubled

Countryside Stewardship – hedgerows and boundaries grant doubled

The hedgerows and boundaries grant is a standalone capital grant under Countryside Stewardship.  The maximum grant for farmers and land managers to apply for this year to restore existing farm boundaries under the scheme has increased from £5,000 to £10,000.

Qualifying boundary restoration work includes the following items:

  • Stone-faced bank repair: £31/m.
  • Stone-faced bank restoration: £86/m.
  • Earth bank restoration: £7/m.
  • Hedgerow laying: £9.40/m.
  • Hedgerow coppicing: £4/m.
  • Hedgerow gapping up: £9.50/m.
  • Hedgerow supplement – casting up: £3/m.
  • Hedgerow supplement – top binding and staking: £3.40/m.
  • Stone wall restoration: £25/m.
  • Stone wall supplement – top wiring: £3.60/m.
  • Stone wall supplement – using stone from quarry: £44/m.
  • Planting standard hedgerow tree: £8.80 per tree.

The scheme is competitive and only the highest scoring applications will be offered agreements.  The application window opened on 15 January 2018.  The deadline to submit applications is 30 April 2018.  Successful applicants should be offered agreements during July.

Please contact us on 01278 772655 for further information or if you need assistance preparing an application.

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